Access Controller and Card Reader

Access control system(time and attendance, online patrol, fixed ration dining) basic function and extend function

Basic function
20,000 users
Each access controller can hold 20,000 users, for example, single door controller can manage 20,000 users; for two-door controller, if door #1 manage 5,000 users, then door #2 can manage at most 15,000 cards, so as to the four-door contoller..
100,000 offline event buffers storage
100,000 event buffers can be stored offline. Every event buffer includes informations such as card #, time, address, getting across or not etc. If the storage space overloaded, old information will be deleted automatically so to save space for new records. Your option to activate whether to record button unlocking and alarm information, if unactivated, button unlocking and alarm information will not be recorded.
Flexible popedom management
You can setup that some specified person can unlock some specified doors, or some one can unlock all doors. Setting result can be arranged according to door or person. User can see clearly which person can unlock which door. Also you can export the report to excel file and print out.
Time range popedom management
You can set a certain person match a certain door, when this person can unlock this door. Every day can have 3 time range.
Off line operation
Setup through the software and upload the setting, access controller will save all uploaded popedom and records no matter the software, computer and power supply are on or off.
Realtime monitoring, photo display, door status display
Real time monitor each card swiping,. Can display the card holder ' s photo which was prestored in the software, so the security guard can check if the card holder is the one intended to unlock the door. If magnete lines are connected, you can check which door is open or close. Valid cards swiping records will be marked in green; invalid card swiping records will be in orange and alarm records will be in red so to call the security guard ' s attention. If video monitor device installed, it can record the real time video and photo when you swipe the card.
Real time extraction
Support real time monitoring meanwhile auto records extraction. Each records will be uploaded to computer database instantly.
Compell to lock and unlock
If some doors need to be normal open or normal closing, user can set via the software.
Remote unlocking
Administrator can open a specified door in remote distance through software interface and can be recorded.
Interface locking
If you need to leave the seat for a while, you can lock the control interface, while the software and access control continue to work and others cann ' t revise the setting on the software during your absence. When you return, you can get back to the control interface by password.
Time link
If the time period you need exceeds 3 period (i.e. 8:30-12:00,1:30-3:30, 4:30-6:30, 7:30-9:30), you can realize this through the time link to get 6 or 9 period or even more.
If you need different time period in Sat, for exmple, Mon to Friday the time period is 8:30-17:30 but for Sat you need the time period 8:30-12:00, then you can set two different time period, one is Mon to Fri, 8:30-17:30, another one is Sat 8:30-12:00 and then link this two periods.
Individual popedom revision and upload
If some new popedom added or some popedom revised, you can just revise or add and upload these new popedoms, no need to reupload all popedoms, so does the loss register. This can save your time.
Indoor population checkout

Can check out how many people are in one or more specified room and shou the list.
Example 1, when used in mine, you can know clearly how many people are downside the mine, if emergency, you can make the rescue plan according to information provided, and you can print out the name list of those you are going to rescue.
Example 2: when used in company office, the boss or the personnel department can know quickly how many people are present, if abnormal, time and attendance report can be generated at once and rule breaker details could be check out quickly.
Example 3: some companies offer staff meals, then you can check how many people are present and inform the dining room how many food should be prepared.
Quick position
Can check out quickly where a person is and how long he stayed there. In some companies, to keep confidential information, people are not allowed to use cell phone, but you can check out where this person is through his entrance/exit records.
Expansion function
If keyboard reader used, user can use card+ number to unlock the door, namely, you can set that to open the door the card holder need to swipe the card and then input the correct password, only when both are right the door can be unlocked. Every card can has its unique password. In this case, others cann ' t use your card to unlock the door if they don ' t know your password. And you also can set that someone need use card+password to unlock a door, but some others only need a card to unlock the door. Password can be 1-6 numbers.
Unlock by manually input card number+password
If you activate this function, then you don ' t need to swipe the card, only input the card number and password, you can open the door and unlocking records will be stored.
Super password
You can at most 4 super passwords for each door. People only need to input any one of these 4 password to unlock the door. System doesn ' t record this unlocking information. Password can be 1-6 numbers.
fire alarm and emergency unlocking
If control panel connected with I/O expansion board, then if fire switch signal received the access controller will unlock the doors it controled and can start up the alarm. Alarm information will be recorded.
Linkage output
If control panel connected with with I/O expansion board, then when door is unlocked legally, the controller can drive another relay to take action so to control more devices. For example, there is a customer request when door is unlocked legally, the controller will also start up the street light or or send a open/close signal to camera. Linkage relay action time can be set to 0-600 seconds.
Alarm for illegal break in
Also called alarm for forced unlocking. Monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker. If I/O expansion board and magnet lines of the door connected, the controller can drive up the alarm devices.
Alarm for long time unlocking
When door unlocked at a long time or you forget to close the door, the monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker. You can set how long the alarm time is and also how long the door unlocked the alarm will be started.
Intimidation alarm
You can set a intimidation passwork which is different with the normal password. When the staff was intimidated to unlock the door, staff can input a intimidation password to unlock the door, but the intimidation unlocking information(time and location) will be seen on the administration center and speakers of the administration center computer will warn the administrator. This function is gear to bank, cash house etc.
Alarm for invalid card swiping
Namely, try to unlock the door with invalid card(unauthorized card), the monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker.
Anti-passback and anti-tail
The purpose of anti-passback is to prevent a card holder from passing back his or her card to another person to gain entry into an access-controlled area.
In some occasions, it is requested that if a certain door is open then the other door cann ' t be unlocked. Two-door controller can realize two doors interlock; four-door controller can realize two doors interlock, three doors interlock and four doors interlock. This function is gear to places where strict access control required such as bank, cashhousing etc.
Unlock the door by multi-card
In some occasions, it is required that to open the door there must several specified card to swip in sequence. Only one of these certain cards cann ' t open the door. You also can set that to enter the room there must multi card and to exit the room only need a single card.
This function is gear to bank cash housing, antique collection sites and museums etc.
You can set to unlock a door there need a group of people swip their cards in sequence or some of people in a group together with some people in another group to swip their cards in sequence. Example: in the bank cashhouse, you can set that to unlock the door there must be 1 of 3 bank governor, 2 of 8 security guard and 3 of 5 money carriers to swip their cards in sequence.
Normal open and normal closing at certain time
Also called timing mission. Places such as embassy requir normal open at day time, everyone can enter freely, but off-work time, only embassy staff can use their card to exit, others are not allowed to enter. At night, doors need to keep closing, even embassy staffs are not allowed to exit. Each controller can set at most 64 timing missions. This function can operate offline.
Record unlocking by button
Time of unlocking by button will be recorded, but cann ' t know who unlocked the door.
Extraction information from the controller at certain time
You can set when the computer extract information from the controller automatically. And you can set several certain extraction time. But this function requires both the computer and software are in operation.
Upload popedom at certain time
You can set a certain time to upload the popedom automatically so to save your time. But this function requires both the computer and software are in operation.
Direct switch to the software interface of housing estate administration center
You can set to switch from the office administration interface to the estate housing administration interface.
Emergency locking
No need to set on the software, you only need to connect the emergency button with the access controller. When emergency, you only need to turn on the emergency button, then all doors controled by the controller will keep closing and you cann ' t open the door using the card. When you turn off the emergency button, control system will return to normal operation.
Sub-sector administration
Some companies request different department control their own access and time attendance. And advanced administor can control all access and time attendance.
Video access control
If video equipment connected, it can capture your photos and 3 seconds vedio record when you swip the card or turn on the button. It ' s convenient for the administrator to check if the card holder is the one owns the card. And afterwards you can check the records. But this function requires both the computer and software vedio supervision interface are in operation.
You can import the controled area ' s map and mark each controlled door ' s location. This allows you more direct and humanzied administration.
Swiping card to lock and unlock the door
One swiping is unlocking and one more swiping will be locking.
Example 1: In some school ' s audio-visual rooms, you can set only certain teachers can use the projection devices, one card swiping is to turn on the projection devices and another swiping is to turn off.
Example 2: In some offices, in the morning the first one swip the card can unlock the door and in the afternoon the last one swip the card can lock the door.
First card unlocking
Example: you can set some cards have the first card unlocking popedom, so in the morning only people who have first card unlocking popedom can open the door.
unlock based on internal and external validation
To unlock the door, one (or more than one) need to swipe the card and the administrator validates the information inside the door, if everything is correct, then the administrator swipes the administrator card on the USB reader.

Time and attendance
Normal shift time attendance administration
Flexible time setting
You can set how many minutes late will not be counted as late.
Can define holiday period
You can define the holiday period on the software administration interface
Define punitive measure
For example: to define how many minutes late or early will be counted as absent
Can specify a certain door to do time and attendance
Can specify some doors to do time attendance and access control, or some doors only do access control
Can set the number of daily card swiping
You can set each day at least twice card swiping or four times card swiping
Flexible Sat time and attendance setting
You can set the weekend to be Sat and Sun, or only Sun etc.
Can import leave application form, flexibly add and customize the holiday name
Can input affair leaves, sick leaves, evection and yearly leaves etc.
Can legally do manual sign in
If some one didn ' t swip the card or late because of forgivable reason, you can do manual sign in for him.
Detail time attendance report
You can check and print the report or export to a excel file. Report include details such as on and off time, department and other informtions. You can check time attendance according to department, date etc.
Detail time and attendance summary report
You can check and print the report or export to a excel file. Employees ' s montly(or a certain period of time) time attendance report. Also you can summer according to department or person. It can calculate how many minutes late, how many times late, how many times leave early, how many hours overtime work etc. You can choose to print in vertical or horizontal direction.
Can customize the report form
You can choose to print which item, width, sequence, and even save the form so next time you can use it again.
Can set that certain person excluded from time attendance list
For example, some special position such as general manager or some position which needs go out frequently, you can set on the software to exclude them from the time attendance list.
Multi-shift time attendance administration
Can set 99 shifts
Besides normal shift, you can set additional 99 shifts
Support overnight shift
Shift time can be set at 0:00.
Support shift period turns
Shift period can be defined by yourself.
Every shifts can set different card swiping times
Each shifts can set to swipe twice, 4 times, 6 times or 8 times, and can set a specified shift as overtime work.
Can calculate two kinds of overtime work mode:
Postpone overtime and certain time overtime
Postpone over time means employee do overtime but no need to swipe overtime working card, only need to swipe card after overtime work. Example: normal shift is 17:30 off work, you can set overtime work start from 18:00, if employee swipe the card at 18:30, then 30 minutes will be counted as overtime work.
Certain time overwork, you can specify a certain time period as overwork time, for example, 19:00 to 20:00 is the overtime work period, if the employee swipe card at 19:35, then 30 minutes will be counted as overtime work, if the employee swipe the card at 21:06, then 2hours will be counted as overtime work.

Online patrol
Basic function
Flexible setting of time discrepency of patrol time
For example: can set early or late how many minutes will be count as normal patrol, and how many minutes late or early partrol be missing partrol
Can specify patroller
All staff in the company have card, you can specify which one ' s card has patrol function
Can specify patrol point
There are many control doors but only part of doors are patrol point, you can specify which point to be patrol point
Can specify patrol route
Set go and return points be Patrol point
Can specify patrol task
Can set that a specified patoler at which month ,which date and which clock start to patrol which route
Clear patrol report
Can check all patrol task condition, late, early or miss.
Patrol report in month or a specified time
Convenient for month summary and temporary selective check patrol quality.

Fixed Dining
Basic function
Can specify to charge every meal or every time swiping the cards
For example, some companies request deduct money each time card swiping; some other companies request in one meal, no matter how many cards swiping only charge once.
Can specify the ration of breakfast, lunch, dinner and late snack
Can set meal time and meal rate, support 4 meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late snack. Rate can be exact to cents.
Can generate meal report
Can calculate each person ' s meal times, total meal times, and total amount
Can generate detail meal report
Include meal time, numbers, which counter
Can customize the report form
Detail dining report, support checking according to time, department, people, checking report can be export to excel file, and you can define the printing form.
Can generate dining sites ' report
Can display each dining site ' s meal numbers and total amount, so administrator can easily make evaluation and adjustment. Example, some dining hall have different subcontractor for each dining counter, in this way, according to the report, people can evaluate easily which counter is most popular and how much should charge the subcontractor.
Basic function
Meeting plan
Can set the meeting name, address, time, beginning and ending time, meeting contents and meeting notice
Fill out and revise meeting setting
Can set leave application and manul sign in. Can set meeting members and meeting member ' s position such as employee, invitation member, auditor etc). Can arrange seat in advance. And when swipe the card, it can display the card holder ' s name, ID, photo and seat number.
Real time summary and projection display
Can make real time projection, display items such as attendance, absence etc, and the summary report can be export into excel file or print out.

Theft deterrence and alarm
Basic function
Infrared door magnet anti-theft setting
Connect with the infrared sense probe, sense organ or door magnet, if someone break in illegally, the infrared sense organ will start the alarm system.
24 hours alarm for disasters such as gas and fire
Need to connect with the gas sense organ, smoke sense organ etc.
Emergency call
Connect with the emergency button, if robbery happen inside the room, people can push the emergency button and alarm will be started.